One month in…

October 28, 2011

Goodness!  A month gone already…

Much of the month has been spent in startup meetings and planning for the initial phase of the project: requirements gathering.  We’ve been doing a bit of door-stepping (as well as e-mailing!) and Hull’s Department of History are now well aware that the History DMP project exists and are beginning to understand what it might do for them.  Next week sees the start of some individual interviews.  The intention is that these will provide the initial evidence about existing and ‘under-development’ datasets and the current arrangements and/or requirements for their ongoing management.

In addition to calendaring user requirements interviews, a number of dates have been identified which are possible diary slots for some broader focus group meetings.  These will take place in the period up to Christmas, each one focussing on a particular form of historical data: qualitative, quantitative, oral history, archival (recognising potential overlap between these).

We’re taking quite a generous view of what constitutes ‘The Department of History’.  Some geographers contribute to historical datasets, for instance, and we’re not forgetting the potential resource that is postgraduate students.  We shall be as inclusive as we can in seeking evidence and contributions.

Beyond campus we have had talks with our two commercial partners, Acuity Unlimited and MediaShelf LLC about the likely nature of their contributions and the timing of them.

Our detailed Project Plan is almost complete and will be with our JISC Programme Manager in the next few days.  Once he approves it, we shall make it available for interested parties to peruse.  November is going to be busy…


History DMP project blog launch

October 13, 2011

Welcome to the project blog for the History DMP project.  This is a JISC-funded project within the Managing Research Data Programme and will be running from October 2011 – March 2012, based at the University of Hull.  The project is a collaboration between the Department of History and Library and Learning Innovation (LLI), with support from ICT.  Watch this space for further information on the aims of the project and ongoing activity.

Project staff:

  • Project Steering Group – Chris Awre (LLI), David Starkey (History), Peter Wilson (History)
  • Project Manager – Richard Green
  • Project Officer – John Nicholls

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