The case for a History DMP

We are pleased to announce the release of our first formal deliverable, a short report setting out ‘The case for a History Data Management Plan’.

This is a synthesis of the findings from the History DMP Project Team’s interviews with academics in the Department of History. The information gathered has been used to inform this short report on the need for a data management plan and the role of data management in supporting History research.

The report can be downloaded from the University of Hull’s digital repository.


2 Responses to The case for a History DMP

  1. Laura says:

    Hi Richard,

    I’m enjoying reading the progress of the project as charted through the blog. I was particularly interested in the ‘Case for a History DMP’ report, mentioned in this post, which was a very clear and instructive read. I note you found some similarities amongst your researchers and their attitudes to RDM as we did in the Incremental project in MRD01 (reports all online – a quick search will turn them up), especially that they’re fine with data sharing in principle but can be anxious about sharing their own data, and the appetite for named contacts to help, at their own institution. (We found this broadly across disciplines, too, incidentally.)

    I see the project is working on a checklist and plans to use the DCC Checklist for a Data Management Plan as a possible starting point. The DCC one is obviously a pretty big document – I’m looking forward to hearing more about how you’re approaching this, e.g. whether you’ll be rephrasing the questions to make them explicitly relevant and/or selecting elements of the DCC one. If you haven’t already seen ‘s work on tailoring the DCC DMP for the psychology subject area, it might be of interest. I noticed your concerns about the DCC version, including how large and complex it appears, so I guess you’ll be thinking of ways to streamline it for your department. So, there’s lots for us to look forward to reading about!


    Researcher, HATII
    JISC MRD02 evidence gatherer

  2. Anonymous says:


    Many thanks for the feedback. Regarding your query re: the DCC checklist, yes, we had the same reaction – it is hefty document! We are working with Martin Donnelly at DCC to do something similar to the Psychology template, but also basing this on our understansing (from interviews) of what the history academics will be willing to engage with. We shall see what comes out of it!

    History DMP Co-Director

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