Project plan


During the course of the History DMP project within Hull’s History department we hope:

  • to capture a departmental record of current data management practices
  • to identify and gather requirements for data management across the department
  • to develop a data management plan to guide the management of existing datasets and inform future dataset management within projects
  • to implement the data management plan based on Hull’s institutional digital repository which is built on Fedora, identifying the role of local provision set against subject/national provision.
  • to implement mechanisms for facilitating interaction with the repository for datasets, through the use of Hydra, Sakai and the use of linked data, and highlight ways in which managed data can be exploited via these routes.
We anticipate a range of outputs to share with the community:
  • a report detailing current departmental data management practices; departmental requirements for data management; the role of data management in supporting History research
  • a departmental management plan
  • a version of the checklist produced by the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) adapted specifically for use by a department of academics
  • Case studies of three exemplar departmental datasets and how they have been managed according to the data management plan (one existing, one in development, plans for one new)
Less tangibly, perhaps, we hope that following their work with the project there will be increased awareness amongst members of the History department of the potential of better data management and that the case studies developed will enable the History Department’s work to be used as an exemplar for data management planning elsewhere within and without the University.
The project will start with a range of personal interviews and a number of focus group meetings to capture a formal record of existing data management activity and requirements across the department for how data, both existing and new, should be managed in the future.
This evidence will lead to the development, over a period of time, of a departmental Data Management Plan (DMP) based on the DCC checklist but adapting it to the needs of our academics.  Researchers in the department will be involved in the ongoing development to ensure validity and buy-in for the final output.
The evolving DMP will inform development of the University’s repository and virtual learning environment (aka Learning Management System) to support the needs identified with researchers in making data more easily manageable, discoverable, accessible and (re-usable) as appropriate.
The  project will allow the Department of History to develop a data management plan for the department as a whole that draws together experience, expertise, and best practice from different projects to inform how data can be best managed, preserved, and exploited to maximise its value across the Department and to inform data management for History in general.
The project will give the University (and others in HE) an exemplar approach that can be used with other departments.
The full version of the Project Plan can be downloaded from:

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