Project timeline

The History DMP project runs from 1-October-2011 to 31-March-2012.  There are five primary workpackages:

History DMP Gantt chart

WP1: Project management  (Months 1-6)

  • To oversee the work of the project and to ensure all milestones and deliverables are delivered according to the project plan and timetable.
  • Output: project plan and related reports.

WP2: Requirements gathering  (Months 1-2)

  • To use a series of interviews with research active staff in the department and focus groups to both capture a formal record of existing data management activity and requirements across the department for how data, both existing and new, should be managed in the future.
  • Output: record of departmental data management practices; record of requirements for data management; report on role of data management in supporting History research. (end November 2011)

WP3: Data management plan  (Months 3-5)

  • To develop a data management plan for the department, incorporating the different requirements identified.  Whilst focused at the project level, the DCC checklist for DMP will be used as the basis for this plan, and adapted to meet the needs of a whole department.  Researchers in the department will be involved in the ongoing development to ensure validity and buy-in for the final output.
  • Output: departmental data management plan; adapted DCC checklist for use with a whole department. (end February 2012)

WP4: Enhancing local infrastructure and services  (Months 3-6)

  • To implement mechanisms that facilitate interaction with the local digital repository for dataset management.
  • Output: Hydra functionality for datasets; Sakai/repository link for dataset use; linked data prototype exemplar. (end March 2012)

WP5: Data management plan implementation  (Months 4-6)

  • To implement the data management plan for a subset (one existing, one project ongoing, and one new project) of the datasets within the department using the University’s digital repository and the enhanced local infrastructure as the basis for the data management.  Processes for data management identified as part of the plan will be tested and the experience recorded within the plan for future reference.
  • Output: case studies of departmental datasets and how they have been managed according to the data management plan. (end March 2012)

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